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How To Create A Custom Gig Request

Did some reading in forums to get answer and got somewhat confused.

Previous buyer msg’d me for gig involving the files for his gig that I completed last week. We had agreed that I would keep the files since he may add me to other projects.

In the msg window is a link to create an offer. Is this what I use to complete his custom gig?


UPDATE: Gig completed.

I just created my custom order using that link in the msg. I spelled out all of the requirements that we agreed upon. Waiting for him to accept so that I can deliver by 6pm EST today, which we also agreed to.

Thanks to all who read my post and wanted to help.:smiley:

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Congratulations on writing the custom offer. :slightly_smiling_face: Be careful to complete the work through the order page using the “deliver now” button or you will not get paid. :wink:


Thank you. I did.:slightly_smiling_face: Didn’t go back to msg inbox once buyer accepted offer.

Love your TIP GIG! Cleverly-written. Glad that is allowed here, and I may consider it once I’ve completed more gigs. Very cute drawings of you on your gigs. Did you do them?

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No, I did not draw my gig photos. My friend @zeus777 drew them. She did 2 originally and gave me permission to “color” my sweater so each gig picture looks different. She has created a Christmas, blue snowflake, flowered, and patriotic sweater for me. I intend to have her create more tops for other holidays. :grinning:


Hmmm…maybe a Halloween sweater (OK, it’s a bit early, I know, hehehe) might
be fun…?? :wink:


I will need a fall one with leaves. Maybe a summer one with sunflowers :sunflower:.

@acdesignstudio a to gig is good for when a buyer wants to come back and tip you later after the gig is completed.

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Yes, I’m sure many of them would like to. When I have extra money I like to do that for someone.

I buy and sell on Fiverr, mostly gifts for myself and my family. I have used the tip gig in the past. I like to surprise other sellers. :heart_eyes:

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