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How to create a eye catching color image for my gig

Please tell me about the color for the gig.

Hire someone to do it for you

you can use this color blue white yellow

If you want to attractive your gig must apply light color like yellow, red etc.

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There is no spiecific colour. Use colours that reforest you and your work or will be appealing to your target audience. Know your clients and use that knowledge.

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yellow is the best color.

@developersohagk what’s going to happen if all sellers on the platform will have yellow color?

That’ll be a problem. I personally use a color pattern, maybe if i change it to be something else I will have more potential to have orders.

This will depends on your appeal. Every color is an eye catching color if the graphics and the textures you’re using are perfect. At least your gig should satisfy yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:

That was a rhetorical question :wink:

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You can google by “Eye catching colors” . Then make your gig with those colors .

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