How to create a promotionala Video for my gig?



If I understood correctly, it is against Fiverr’s TOS to buy promotional video for my gig from Fiverr.

Does same goes for a voiceover from Fiverr? Could I just buy a voiceover and use it on the video I create?



They do not allow to buy the complete video, right?


Yeas it would be stupid if one guy would produce all the videos.

I thought making video on my own with images and stuff and add voice over. My voice sound could pass, but surely isn’t as pleasant for ears as sound of a professional speaker.


I’ve made videos for other sellers but they have to be stop motion or slide show type videos with images. Any videos with a person in it has to be you, the seller and I think you will find the same goes for voiceovers.


Hi, can someone give me some guidance as to how to make a video on fiverr that does not get rejected? what size should the screen size be? Any other things it must have?

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