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How to create a responsible gigs on fiverr

How can I create a responsible gig on Fiverr so it can be able to rank better on google search I need a comment from professionals in the community


If you want your gig to be “responsible” follow the ToS and ethics in general.


Why are you not offering your skills as a realtor here? That is what your profile picture shows, right? A realtor.

Why are you listing a bachelor’s degree in engineering on your Fiverr profile when you list a bachelor’s degree in history elsewhere on the internet? At least, the person in your picture lists that elsewhere on the internet.

Does the person in your profile picture really know that you are using him to represent your gigs on Fiverr? He spells better than you, anyway.

Also, you have never been featured in the Official Fiverr Blog.

I guess the answer to your thread title is:

Step 1: Stop lying!.


@vibronx, we need to understand the OP… Mr. Frank Dangelo (aka garry_katty) is working undercover on Fiverr. :grimacing:

By the way, I wonder if he’s aware he must fill the W-9 form… :wink:


Start with some of these great resources:

Online Freelancing Essentials: Be A Successful Fiverr Seller

The Support Team Knowledge Base (use search for best results)

The Tips for Sellers forum category (A good place to read tips and post tips for others - for a place to ask questions keep reading)

The Fiverr FAQ (Great to read simple Q & A or post a question IF it hasn’t been posted before)

The Conversations forum category (Good for general chit chat or questions that might lead to a full discussion)

It’s also good to become familiar with:

Summary on Fiverr Communications