How to create a smart gig?


Welcome to fiverr saller…
HI everyone,
I want to say something about the Gig direction. There must be at least some qualities to create a gig. want to share something with you? Such as

  1. A new gig title ( SEO Friendly) To be remembered, The gig name is not variable.
  2. searching tag is most important
    3.we’ll use that image. it is necessary to have the qualities. Such as ( Gig images for Quality, no copyrights, Don’t use clickbait, don’t put fiverr badges or rewards, Don’t use too much text on an image, don’t overcrowd with images, Proportions or gig images size as least 690px*426px,
    uniqueness, Authenticity,relevancy)
  3. Mobile user Friendly. choose a good sample.My profile
    5.Refrain from making the overwhelming description.
    6.Relaxation requirement is provided.
  4. According to Fiverr’s rules share gig
    you can follow my gig. You can take ideas from here. Visit my gig: #Fiverr

Do you have any question? Please let me know. I am ready to you.
Thank You
I hope you will be successful.


really awesome! :heart_eyes:


your gig is 90% perfect…Please follow fiverr rules.