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How to create a studio gig?

I can receive studio lead’s invitations. But who can create studio gigs and how?

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You should have got a message from Fiverr that explains all of this information. I did.
It came in my notifications.

Edit: I guess the message did not explain who can be a studio lead. However, it sounds like a big responsibility. :wink:


fiverr will pick you that you are eligible for that or not @prologo1

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great. thank you…

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I was picked, and this a note.

Note: Eligibility of leads and members for Fiverr Studios is determined periodically by Fiverr. There is no application process. You will be notified if you are handpicked for Fiverr Studios.

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Thanks. send me an invitation for any branding things :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi There,

You will have this Beta image In your profile if you eligible as I’m.

Please check your profile.

yes i have…

There are some help articles here:

And some videos:


I hope soon i will get a Studio Invitation

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whats the purpose? I have been offered to create my studio but what benefit do i get? If the other members mess up then it reflects on MY account. Do i get a cut of their pay? What the benefits to me?


You can control your members as you want

Yea except I take ALL the responsibility and extra work load WITHOUT any extra pay. The other team members cant even see the chat with the buyer. I have to play middle man even with communications… and all for what benefit to me?!


Making more money with much larger projects possibly, such as a $5000 one.

It seems like you could simply hire who you need for a project but maybe this would work if you are sure you have reliable team members.

I suppose you can pay the team members smaller payments therefore keeping more for yourself? I’m just guessing here but I can see that kind of a benefit.

As you say, I’m not sure how the other team members would be held accountable at all in this so it would really take some trustworthy members.

That’s a very impressive looking gig that studio has for creating a commercial/