How to create a successful Fiverr account Part 01 : Power of USER NAME


Getting success in fiverr is not that much easy. So, we have to prepare over selves in all manner. One of my friend had a huge success in fiverr. He is a top-rated seller & earning up to six digits. I had discussed with him about succeeding on fiverr. I’d like to share some of those ideas with you. in this topic will discuss about how to create a customer attracting fiverr account.

Account Creation

If you already don’t have a fiverr account, go ahead and make one now. To create a new account, go to and click on join in the upper right-hand corner. Here you can join with Facebook if you wish but I’d recommend to open a new account through the fiverr website.

Power of USER NAME

To identify your account in a better manner “USER NAME” plays a bigger role. It’s very important that you choose a right username. Customer will be keeping your user in their mind. They can easily recognize you through your user name.

For example: if you are a graphic designer “GRAPHIC_GUY, LOGO_KING, LOGO_MASTER” would be good choices. These user names easily attract the customer. Fiverr users see your user name and the will recognize you are specializing in that type of gig. Good user names will get you more customers. This will encourage users to click on your profile to view other gigs you offer. don’t forget to choose a right username. Once you create an account you can’t change your username of any manner.

At last open your e-mail and confirm your fiver account. Now you can login your fiverr account.


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This is going to be a good stuff for new entrants into fiverr


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About the title "Power of USER NAME."
I never thought about that and randomly picked one. There’s no relation with my services, yet I’m good with that.


Fact: No, they will not.

User names aren’t likely to have any affect on your sales. Sellers with user names like you have suggested are often viewed as the spammers on this site – spam/sellers desperate for sales. I see hundreds of them in my own gig categories, and I can assure you, those users aren’t going to be seeing any success any time soon – since most of their gigs are copied from other successful sellers, poorly written, and not at all professional in appearance.

On the other hand, users that create personalized user names (that are nothing like you suggest) are among the top sellers on Fiverr.

A user name is just a user name. Buyers purchase from you based upon the professionalism of your gig (and gig description), the quality of your delivery files, and the success of your marketing.

User names have little to no effect on the sales success of a seller on Fiverr.


Or just silly. I mean, logo_king or logo_master? Seriously? Sounds like a 10-year-old who just made his first sorta kinda logo, not a professional.


I totally disagree with this post. I mean we are not playing xbox or playstation here where we should use “sniper_master” and buyers will say “whoaaaaa he seems like a PRO”.
It’s a professional marketplace. People buy what you offer, and that is professionalism and quality. Having such usernames are only going to make you appear as kids who’ll yell like “Yayyyy I’ll design this logo FREE FREE FREE ta daaaaa”. In short, I totally agree with @catwriter here.


Using your own name is the best and authentic Option to become a professional seller. My Experience!


Not true. My username is super lame but I still get orders


My username totally doesn’t fit the psychic category where I am selling but still…people just don’t pay attention to username so much


Yes. It is true that an well figure user name is an important for Fiverr.


May be you right but mainly an well user name is the important occur to get success in Fiverr.


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As noted previously – by a number of different people – your Fiverr user name does not have a notable impact upon seller success on this site. People are looking for what you sell, and how you present those services, NOT what you choose to use as your site user name.

There are some people with terribly long and unreadable user names that are very successful here on Fiverr. And there are countless spammer accounts, with names similar to “best_seller” or “awesome_editor” who make no sales at all.

Please do not claim that you know how Fiverr works based solely upon your personal opinion. You are 100% incorrect in your claim that user names have any notable impact upon seller success. Evidence and experience just doesn’t support your claims.


I am giving an award to this Fiverr tips thread: The worst nonsense tip you will ever get. Like seriously!! I really mean it.


I like how this post gets 5 likes, everyone can agree my username is super dumb lol