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How to create a video for gigs?


I was planning to add videos to my gigs.I know the video should be below 50 MB and 75 sec long.

Is there any software or video editing tools that can help me to create the videos?



There’s a multitude of video editing suites of varying complexity and price. If it’s just for basic editing, then a free program will likely serve your needs.

A video converter/compressor also comes in handy to ensure videos fit under the 50 meg size limit. I like Handbrake, and free is a hard price to beat.


Hi miss, If you have source of the video (means the Raw video that you will Edit) and you wanted to Edit professionally you cab use wondershare filmora or if you not want buy any software you can use hitfilm express (if your pc configuration is good well)

Or if you have not the source of the video ( the raw video) use can use canva that i have used. In my gig ( you can go my profile and see) i have a video about 10s


Hi samiazam,
Thank you so much for your suggestions. I will give it a try in sha Allah.:blush:


Hi enunciator,
Thanks for your advice. I will use the recommended tools.:blush:


You should use professional video editing software like Kinemaster and you can download them here link

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Make a video using ZOOM. You can open a free zoom account. Go to and open a free account.

Once opened, when you log in, go click on My Account.
Click on Schedule a Meeting
I just add time and date to the meeting and press save.
There will be an icon ‘start the meeting’, click on that.
A box will pop up: Click on ‘open new meeting’.
Another box will pop up: Click on Join with computer audio.
The box will be there, click on the camera. You will be on the screen.
Remember to select ‘record to video’ which you will find in one of the icons on the task bars.


Hi Anika.
I have another suggestion. You can shoot a video of yourself with your cell, while introducing yourself and what all you can do. Than you can load the clip in either Adobe aftereffects or Adobe Premiere Pro.
And you can add your master pieces in timeline at appropriate spaces. Then you can render the video and can use it as your gig video.
But most importantly you should make a plan about everything you will speak and showcase the work examples.
I wish you all the best for your success

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Yes, or you can just make a video on your laptop, or smart phone (laptop is better).