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How to create an effective logo?

How to create an effective logo?
Many people think that having a logo is not essential for the success of a company, wrong, you know why, the logo is not just a symbol placed on products or in advertisements to make it clear who owns that product but serves to express emotions, the colors are able to express positive or negative emotions at the if the lines are imprecise they annoy the person who looks at the logo, if in a logo made even decently a font that is not in line with all the work is juxtaposed, the final result will be seen by people as a work of poor quality and this concept will be reflected in the image of your company because if the logo is of poor quality you think that your products are also of poor quality, guess what no one will buy nothing.
How to create an effective logo?

Made this introduction to specify the importance of a logo, let’s see the key tips on how to create a functional logo, it may seem trivial but simplicity is the key to everything that is complex, logos with many details are beautiful but are not stored, a logo can also depict a painting but if the person looking at it fails to link that logo to your brand, the logo is a failure, I’m not saying that the logo has to be ugly because otherwise, it goes against the opposite result i.e. customers they will attribute it to that logo is a very bad quality company.

Many people want to create unnecessarily complicated projects, okay everyone does what they want but if you want to create an effective logo this is not the way of it and most of the time they even skip a few steps in the creation, resulting in doing nothing.

Another factor to consider is banality, in creating a logo banality is something that must be avoided, because customers always expect a trait that stands out from the competition.

So making a summary, to create an effective logo I have to:
Creating a simple design doesn’t have to be trivial and it has to stand out. these are rules that are not mandatory to follow if you want to create an effective logo for a client or for your portfolio take them into consideration.

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