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How To Create Awesome Fiverr GIG

I have Created Fiver Gigs, Only One of my Gig is having orders others are only having Clicks and Impressions.
What That Does Mean?


The basics are here:

And there’s some useful information about interpreting the data here:


do research more and take time to make an awesome gig.


i changed Title and url is old…

should i delete complete gig, am i hurting my gig for old impressions

if there is any tutorial for fiverr , plz let me know

I created Gig, then i found that is not worthy and conveying my proper Service to my clients.
I changed The [ Title ] my question is do it effect my ranking on fiver to Gain Position or Gain Position cuz [ url ] of the gig is same.

should i Delete that GIG and and Crate that again…

To the best of my knowledge, no, there is no tutorial for Fiverr. Fiverr is too big for a tutorial to cover everything. This is why the articles provided by Fiverr and the guides here on the forum created by experienced and/or vastly knowledgeable users are important to thoroughly read.

As for your question on the URL, I don’t know for sure, but no, to the best of my knowledge, it doesn’t affect level or rank. HOWEVER: consensus on the forum leans on the side that, yes, URL does affect the search results.

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