How To Create Fiverr Animation (GIF) Gig


How To Create Animation (GIF/PNG) Gig.
Can anyone help me?


Are you talking about your profile picture? From what I understood you can simply upload an animated Gif. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I can’t understand your question.


yes i’m talking about profile pic also the gig image.


It’s not allowed to use animated gig images. A search page full of flashing images could give someone a seizure. As for profile pictures, I think you need Fiverr’s permission for an animated one (I’ve seen one user with an animated profile picture, and she’s both a TRS and a Pro seller).


oww :hushed: :open_mouth:


I think gif images not allowed to fiverr.


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It depend on fiverr approve


Hmm I think so :pensive: