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How to create free account on payoneer to withdraw money

I come to knew that we can create a free account on Payoneer to withdraw money. kindly tell me its true?Need suggestion to withdraw money from Fiverr .which is the best method to withdraw money and create an account on Payoneer.I am new on Fiverr.

Payoneer account are free to create, you can withdraw your funds via Paypal as well

how much money i can withdraw through payoneer from fiverr

to withdraw first time you will need to at least have $20 in your balance.

after that you can withdraw any amount

actually someone say to me that when you create account on payooner you will charge 3 thats why i still not create account to withdraw money because i did not earn much money still

may very from country to country but it is free in India.

you can always call them, they are very kind and helpful.

Thanks for your positive feedback.i will contact them.can you please confirm me that when i submit my bank account info to create account will they cut amount from my account ? due to creating account etc