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How to create more than 7 gig without delete permanently existing one?

Hi Fiverr Experts,
I have created 7 gigs that is maximum limit at this level. I have to create a new gig but don’t want to delete any existing permanently. I want a gig to disable or inactive so that have a space to create new one.

Please let me know any any method provided by Fiverr



No there is not any trick for that, just try to reach Level 1. Then Fiverr will allow you to create new GIGs.


There are no hidden or secret tips available to cross that limit. Just try to reach level one…

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Have you tried clicking “pause” next to one of your active gigs on the “gigs” page that shows all gigs?

They are going to mars, you are living the world of tricks :smiley:


Yes, the trick is the level-1’s requirement :grinning:


I would advise you to leave aside this mentality of “tips on how to trick the system”. You are not going to go far with that and might get your account banned.

Fiverr is very structured and “follow the rules” system so you should better read fiverr TOS and familiarise yourself with the rules.


Surely it wouldn’t be tricking the system if the OP just wanted to pause a gig (eg. maybe a gig is seasonal and it’s not really relevant currently), and Fiverr allows pausing gigs. If pausing a gig (eg. if it’s not currently relevant - eg. out of season) allows creation of a new one that surely wouldn’t be tricking the system or against Fiverr’s rules.