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How to create perfect fiverr gig?

I am clipping path and photo editing expert. I want to work at fiverr But I don’t know How to create perfect fiverr gig?

Hi Sonaton_holder,

Creating a fiverr gig is easy if you follow the perfect guideline.

The first step is write a gig title that reflects your expertise and keywords from your expertise sector.
Set best keywords to find you out on search result.

Set best price range and package(s) you can offer.

In description, follow AIDA (Attract, Interest, Desire, Action) model. You can find details in Fiverr seller support page. Also in your gig description use keywords from your sector to get a good result to find you out easily on search result.

Create gig images related to your expertise in a way what can attract people to view your gig and place orders.

Happy selling.

Thank you.

Thanks for valuable comment.

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You already know how to create a gig. But there are many essential factors. All of those are not easy to write here for better understand.
You may search on YouTube. You will find many videos.I think that will be much helpful for you.

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Follow this: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Creating a Gig).


Perfection is an ideal to strive for and not a reality to achieve.

No one on Fiverr has a “perfect” gig, and if one (incorrectly) thinks they do have the perfect gig, then they won’t make any attempt to improve it, as it is impossible to improve upon perfection.

There are terrible gigs, average gigs, and excellent gigs. There’s no set-in-stone guidelines to creating a great gig, but there are definitely commonly shared traits. Having intelligible text with proper spelling and grammar is a good start and a fundamental quality that MANY gigs fail on.

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