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How to create portfolio


Want to start new GIG!
It will offer to create a lot of 2D and 3D cool intro video and autro.
I have more than 3000 awesome unique templates, and to render that amount will take 1000 hours of work.
How i may know which templates will be the best to show as portfolio? I need to make 20-50 intro videso of the best i choese or may be i need to create vote?


Just chose to show your highest quality. The work you’re able to do for customers should include what you can offer for buyers. Rank your templates from lowest to highest and start choosing from there for them to be included! Make it very easy and simple so they’ll be able to follow up very easily.


Find your best designs and merge them in 1 picture. You can create portfolio on Flickr.


I think the best way to go about it is to register a domain name that matches your real name or your username on Fiverr and display your portfolio there. I think this automatically makes you appear more trustworthy professional to buyers who browse your profile.

In addition, having a domain allows you to customize your design and content however you wish so you can tailor your pages’ design to your customers’ needs.

I don’t know yet if this is effective but I think it’s a good idea and I will try it soon.


Thank you all, really good advices, but i have more than 3k templates (premium from videohive), and i don’t know how to choose the best =) rendering time from 5 min to 8 hours, all templates rendering is unreal =)))

domain name is nothing just name,
yu recommend him to make personal website, right?

Yes, of course. I was emphasizing that the domain name should match his real name or Fiverr username in order for it to be more credible. domain is ready :slight_smile: will install soon wordpress for portfolio, but i need to render maybe 30-50 examples video

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That’s great. I wish you good luck! Browse my gigs and let me know if you need any help with the website :slight_smile:

Flikr are always delete the account some days later