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How to create seo optimized gig

Hello, I am new to Fiverr please let me know about gig SEO optimization. How can I make my gig properly SEO optimized?


Ignore 99% of what you hear about SEO. It is silly garbage made up to fool the credulous into buying spammy services.

If you want to understand SEO, go read the primer at Google. That is all you need to know. All these secret hacks people pretend they know are just that: hacks (at the fabric of morality that Google close down, often whilst de-ranking sites that engage in it). Fiverr’s algo will be similar to that of Google.

For now, all you need to do is make a Gig that is about what you do. If you paint pink pelicans, you talk about painting pink pelicans. Probably you make the Title of your Gig I will Paint Pink Pelicans as that makes your pink pelican painting paramount.

In your Keywords (you can have 5) you would put words that you feel will be used by people who would want pink pelicans painted. Pink, Pelican, Paint, Painting, Birds are likely candidates. You may try long-tail words like Florida, Drawing, Big Beak

Just be painting aware that you can overstuff with pink key pelican words and engines recognize this over-painted pink pelicanism as keyword stuffing and punish it.

Bottom line, give what your buyers want to see and you will be served higher as an answer to relevant questions.



great thanks to you to let know the information