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How To Create Your Gig To Get Your First Order On Fiverr

You probably have noticed that Fiverr is now loaded with hundreds of sellers, so it is quite tricky for new sellers to get their first order on fiverr. However, if you’re struggling to get orders to crank up your business, next few paragraphs will show you the ways you can make more sales on fiverr. So let’s go ahead and keep reading.

1 Choose a Nice Gig Picture

First of all, make sure you are using an eye catching photo for your gig. Well, you know that usually buyers search for a gig at a turbo speed. Do you know what makes them stop? A nice photo. When a buyer comes across an eye-catching photo they just take a break and see what’s going on there. So, use an eye-ball catching photo for your gig. Only a photo can bring you enough orders.

Where do you get one?
Ask Google for a photo, and then download it. Well, job is not finish here. Now go to the playstore and download a photo editor app. Then edit the photo and make it more gorgeous.

2 Google Keyword research

Time to mess with SEO stuff. Just use Google keyword finder and make use of them in your title. In addition, you can check out some top rated sellers gigs to know which keywords made the wonder for their business.

Gig Description

Description is one among the most important things to crank up your fiverr business. Invest your hours to write a best description that converts visitors into clients.
How to write a best one? Check out the following paragraphs.

  1. Find out a top rated seller and a level 1 seller.
  2. Spend your minutes to find out the differences between their gigs.
  3. Here is the key. Find out what mistakes they have made and take full advantages of their mistakes. Remember, Do Not Copy And Paste.
  4. Finally, make use of some promising lines at the bottom of your gig description. You will surely be surprised at the result of using promising lines.

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So now you know it, how to get first order on fiverr. Remember starting fiverr business is always an uphill task. So never say never, just keep calm and go on.