How to de-activate 'upload source file' feature?


Hey everyone,

We work in Print Media Design Niche and Fiverr recently rolled out uploading source file feature for GIGs which are in Graphic Design category.

Because of our specific niche, our source files are usually of 500mbs (on average) which is usually hard for us to upload source file every time we deliver order (considering multiple revisions we provide) because of low bandwidth in our region.

There’s an activation button under Uploading Source File button. Is there any de-activation button for this feature?

We like to deliver all source files in the end when design is finalized by buyer.

Thank you.


I have got the same problem many times and contact the customer care! but not getting any support and resolve.
Only get bad review and order cancelation!!:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face: Source file protection


Do it from the Gig create - MAke sure you remove all source file extras from your packages or upgrades