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How to deactivate/delete a forum account?


I have good and bad news for my friends on the forums who know me–I’m graduating from college very soon and I’m off to do some exciting things. When that time comes, I may wish to scrub mentions of my name, etc off of the internet. I poked around, but couldn’t find anything: is there a way to deactivate your forum account and delete your post history?

Wishing you the best.


I would actually like to know if this is possible too. :thinking:


How exciting for you! I doubt it and even if you could, I imagine some of it would still be cached in Google. I could be totally wrong.

This is partly why I usually don’t use my real name for things like this. It’s nice to be able to control, to a degree, what shows up in Google when people search my name.


Under GDPR, it should be possible. And/Or Mods could (possibly) just permaban and delete the post history of users who do not wish to be affiliated with the forum.


Yeah, sorry if I’m making you kick yourself. :laughing:

Oh, well, you may be able to bury things in search engine results with other things you do online! Oh, the wonders of search engine optimization!


To clarify, I meant what would happen automatically if you delete things yourself. I think there’s usually a way for customer service/technology services to fully get rid of things.

Unfortunately caching is a reality of web technology. Things need to be manually removed or a system in place to remove them/prevent them caching, although there are GDPR-compliant cache systems now. It looks like quite a few businesses are making sure their caching processes are GDPR compliant, although I don’t even know if public forums are protected by GDPR. I sincerely doubt they are.


Your account is usually deactivated when you delete your Fiverr account, but you can message the moderators to be sure that happens right before you close your Fiverr account. (Your forum account could also be suspended immediately if you wanted.) The moderators can only bulk delete all your posts if you have posted a few times, I think it might be 5? I’ll have to check, but I’m pretty sure you are well over that. (I think this should answer @cyaxrex too but if not, tell me what hasn’t been answered.)

It seems like a shame to lose what you have so far on Fiverr, just in case you want to come back as a side-thing or as a buyer or anything! If you do go, best of luck!


Don’t leave @cyaxrex. Your posts are always funny.