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How to deactivate Out of Office?

If you still remember me, Insects44, I was an active user before, but I had to stop for about 5 months. I did also press the Out of Office button on my Fiverr account’s profile. However, the button is no longer there. What can I do now? Maybe set the end date to tomorrow and wait?


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This may be helpful to you:


Ok, my idea worked, but I no longer see the Out of Office button. Is this feature removed from Fiverr?

Here is what I see:

Welcome back to the forum, yes I remember you :slight_smile:
Your profile seems out of office and your gigs are alive.


I have just checked my profile and it is showing below recent delivery and above learn.

In other words it would be below where your screenshot stops.

Anyhow, welcome back and all seems well now.

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Oh, it just appeared again, after I activated my gigs:

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I guess you can’t use Out of Office while having all of your gigs paused.