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How to deal with a buyer that keep rejecting your work


I have this buyer that keeps rejecting my work.I already did 3 revisions.He keeps saying that the quality is poor but he clearly abuse of the revision button.I contacted the costumer support and they said I should end this in a friendly way, but it seems like it is not possible in this case.I don’t want to cancel I already put a lot of time and effort on this order.I’m waiting for your advices.Cheers!


Here’s the deal:

  • He’s not satisfied with the work delivered = bad review.
  • Support asked you to end it in a friendly manner.

Conclusion: Cancel the order.


Yeah, he probably got what he want and I just wasted my time.Bad luck!


If you had more reviews I wouldn’t cancel so fast, but because you’re starting off, it’s only smart to maintain a 5 star rating.


And encourage cruel, unprofessional buyers to abuse him/her? There are buyers here who are actually sellers but get a job and subcontract to other sellers with the lowest possible prices, and what is even worse, they make it seem that they are doing a favor for them, abuse them, be rude, and want the world for $5 and if they could go lower like on other platforms they would. They know many sellers seem to value reviews and feedback so much that they allow to be abused and even offer refund just to remove bad reviews. And your advice encourages such behavior to continue. I rather risk bad reviews than to be taken for a fool, and there is dispute feature though I feel CS seem to prefer to say solve it in a friendly way with the client, and they consider they have done their job and that another fact that bad buyers know and take advantage of…
One wise man called Abdulmoti once said “People will put you where you put yourself in” if you undervalue yourself, people will undervalue you". If you let people walk all over you, they will with dirty shoes.


I still with wouldn’t risk a negative review from a $5 order.


I had a buyer wanted me to do a sample for him/her and of course I did it happily, however something was telling me don’t. He/she didn’t accept my offer at the end and when I click on his/her name I can’t see anything about her/him but some little information. Was it a spam? I wish I never had responded to this client. Can’t Fiverr do something for spams?!


it isn’t spam, they asked for a sample to see if you were a good fit for the project. Apparently you weren’t. They may have got dozens of offers and didn’t personally respond to the ones they didn’t pick. It’s the nature of freelance work sites, don’t take it personally. Just move on to the next buyer.


can you show us what you have done in this job?


But you know sometimes, clients break the work in blocks and ask different freelancers to translate different blocks as a sample. And complete the work that way, it is hard to believe but some do result to that and I they are sellers who get a project and pass it to other freelancers and want the job done for free. It is strange world… I did few sample work, but now I just tell clients, see my portfolios and feedback. scammers will do anything to take advantage of people. Even platforms discourage to comply clients asking sample work, there are no reasons for clients to ask a sample, if they are serious, they can spend 5 dollars few times to get the best freelancer and perhaps stick to him/her, $5 dollars being a long term investment is not bad at all… NO TO SAMPLE FREE WORK.


Never do free sample work… some sellers get a job and break it to pieces and ask several freelancers to do part of it as a sample and compile it and sometimes ask another to proofread as a sample promising a huge job is coming if they do this. Your feelings were right… if a client is not willing to spend as low as $5 to find the best freelancer, then they are fishy or not worth it to work with. No reason someone to ask for free sample work… and they are smart, they choose the newcomers because they know these people will accept anything to be noticed and if they are serious and are worried about their money, then select those freelancers with so many good feedbacks. I would you say your feelings were on the spot, follow your feelings next time and never accept free sample work.