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How to deal with a buyer that makes their own rule?

Hi Guys,

If anyone would kindly suggest me what to do, please, I need your advice.

I tried my best to make my gig description as clear as possible. However, there is still some buyer that tries to make their own rule (such as demanding a project that required extra gig and they only pay based $5 gig). I don’t know if they pretend that they don’t see the extra or they really confuse with how Fiverr works…

One time I refund to a client that was not satisfied with my service, he expected my artwork to be super amazing for $5 gig. I don’t like to argue with a buyer, I just said that he supposed to read my gig description for his expectation of artwork as I don’t do template. Even tough after I refund the money he still unhappy, plus I have worked the project and delivered the ready to print file…

Now I have to deal with 2 clients that want me to make A0 size poster and pay only for base gigs. They made their order and I told them I can’t continue with their project if they can’t follow my gig description. They said ok, they will purchase but they never did. What should I do? Should I cancel the order? I don’t want to increase my mutual cancellation just because buyers can’t cooperate. Two days before my deadline, I sent message to Fiverr Customer Support regarding this issue, there’s no reply until now. Usually I am happy with their support, so far I ask for technical issue, this is my first time asking help about the buyers. My order status is now on very late.

Hmm True… Some buyers expect 100$ work from us. Some buyers purchase wrong gigs, some buyers place gigs and cancel it by telling it is a mistake. Sometimes when I provide free revision they asked me to do modifications and get multiple versions of banners for free. Sometimes even after offering unlimited free revision they tels that they don’t like it and need to cancel(They were liked it till all modifications done). but I usually be patient and do their work as they ask me to do. Negative rating is affecting our levels and rating but Mutual Cancellation do not have any effect as I know. So Mutual cancellation is the best way as I guess what you think?

Cancelling the order looks like the best solution to me. If it leaves you with a negative feedback, make screenshots (they agreed to purchase the proper extra but never did) and ask Customer Support to remove it.

Just my 2 cents.

Yes, just cancel. These buyers don’t know/respect the value of your work, you don’t have to feel bad letting them go.

Reply to @zimron89: In the end, we have to be patient and do it like we are doing a $100 project, just like you said. Finally Fiverr Customer Support help me to cancel those orders, however Fiverr still suggest me to keep explaining to them… One of the buyer came back and follow the gig description, she’s happy and order more gig. But, she did it again in another gig she ordered! Can you believe it? This time I asked for mutual cancellation. So yes, no other way but mutual cancellation.

Reply to @catwriter: Thank you so much for your advice. Appreciate it!

Reply to @james_illus: Thank You!

It’s a usual thing and happens to all the sellers. Some buyers just think they can get miracles for $5. I try to resolve any issue in messages before someone orders. But if it happens that buyer asks for more I pretty often do that more as it is one in 10 customers so it is ok.


Yes that’s good other than getting a bad review and struggling to remove it. Negative reviews are unfair sometimes. one of my buyers told me since he have continuous work give him a best quote so I agreed ti deliver 4 banners under my gig which offers 2 banners but he needs 4 versions of each I have to design 2 versions for each and totally 8 designs and 16 banners for 5$ :frowning:

Reply to @zimron89: Sorry for my late reply. That’s what I don’t understand…I don’t mind to work extra mile sometimes, depends with the case and the manner of the buyer. We are here to work and not for charity because i am giving a quality design and a fair price in my point of view.

The orders that went smoothly usually are the buyer who spent less than 1 or 2 minutes of their life to read my gig description. The problem is the one who hit the order button without even care about gig description…

I know what you mean! People say you can just cancel, but sometimes the buyer doesn’t want to, and it can be pretty hard on the seller. sigh

I’ve had a buyer make me do 5 gigs worth of work for only one gig, and I had no choice but to comply since I’m still a newbie here who needs ratings to get more known. :frowning: I already delivered the work but the buyer kept asking me to do more, or else he’ll give me a bad rating.

I guess sometimes… life really is simply unfair. Hopefully, better days will come! :slight_smile:

Reply to @kahzumi: I know how it felt, it also happened to me when i was on Level 1. But doesn’t matter on what level you are, you still need to make your own limitation. I had a buyer that keeps asking revision because she can’t make up her mind and didn’t feel guilty at all. At the 7th/8th times revision I told her that she needs to order a new gig if she want other revision, she got the point and left with a good review. I know some sellers offer unlimited revision, but hey, that’s their choice and i respect it, but as a graphic designer i don’t think it’s right for $4 revenue.

That sounds really frustrating. I would just tell the buyer to pick between me doing what I said I’d do in the description or to cancel the order. Sometimes, though, you just have to suck it up and do what the buyer wants, as long as it’s possible for you to do.

I know this may not seem so helpful right now, but it will work its self out in the wash. Tell them to find service elsewhere, and take the loss or try to get CS to look into that part of it, but for sure tell them to take a hike, sounds like they do know the fiverr system of process and are exploiting it a bit and using it against you.

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