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How to deal with a really "friendly" buyer

I’ve been doing a second order from a buyer that’s starting to be, too friendly I think would be the best word

He hasn’t commented on anything particually offensive or that crosses the line, but he’s sending messages like “hi just wanted to know how you are”, “just wanted to say hello” and “I hope you have a good night” and such during my order.
An one ocassion situation I wound’t mind, but it’s almost daily

For one hand, he may be just like that, or it’s just a way to ask about how his order is, but it’s starting to bother me the way he writes, and I’m not really sure what to tell him to make him stop this type of thing, or if I should just ignore.

He’s not being mean or pushing, just, really, too friendly for my liking, and I don’t know how to tell him that without sounding too harsh, I just want to be professional that’s all

I’m trying to ignore his messages of this aspect, but if I don’t respond it’s also bad for my rating isn’t it?

Have any of you ever had a similar situation? Should I just finish his order as soon as I can and then don’t work with him again?

Marry him, take all his money. LOL

Maybe just mention boyfriend, husband, significant goat… See if that slows him a bit.

If you do have to ask him to be a bit less “creepy” then perhaps go third-part and say it is hubby, God or Fiverr that you need to avoid trouble with???


I don’t think that you should worry about it as long as the buyer doesn’t get too personal or ask for your personal information. That’s what I think as you are more experienced.

Yes, I think that’s the best thing that you could do.


Yeah, it’s just that it started to be a little awkward, and it’s a shame, he seemed a nice buyer and all, my first order with him I didn’t have this issue
I still kind of have an order from him that I previously designed, but I don’t know if I’ll accept it

I’m starting to be a little less friendly and a little more distant/cold to see if he gets the message, which it’s not usually how I behave with buyers, but I think in this case I’ll have to be 100% professional.

I often talk more with my buyers to get a better idea of their projects and give them all the process of the work, therefore I usualy talk a lot with my buyers but it’s the first time something like this happened, and I’m almost an year on Fiverr

I think it was just a matter of time before something like this happened :confused:

You only have to worry about the first message between you and a buyer, the rest do not count towards your stats.

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As far as i understand, your response rate it’s relative to messages prior to start an orders, so you shouldn’t be worried un that regard, and yes, finish the order ASAP.

Then if he keeps writing after the order it’s finished, well, that would be a different topic to consider.

Hope everythings goes well!

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