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How to deal with a returning buyer who has given lower rating for your service?

Recently I had a client who gave a 4 star rating for the job I did for him. He is now returning to solicit my services for a similar job and may also order again in the near future. I am confused. I don’t know if I should take the job and risk a lower rating again or ignore him to maintain my current ratings. Prior to his review I had fifty “5 star” ratings at a trot. By taking up his work I run the risk of spoiling my ratings as he may again leave me a 4 star review. He is a new buyer so he may not be fully aware of the importance of rating systems for the sellers. Fiverr too does not allow us to communicate with the buyer on the ratings issue. Need help guys, how do I deal with this?


Some buyers don’t leave a 5 star rating even after getting the best professional services.
If you don’t like to work with the Buyer try to block him asap that can be the only option for sellers.


Blocking is the easiest solution. I want to avoid that. I am looking for a way to get my point across to the buyer without violating Fiverr’s TOS.

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Total 4 star rating is not bad at all.

Total rating is always made of 3 categories - Seller communication level, Recommend to a friend and Service as described. To get total 4 means those 3 are all 4 or 5, 4 and 3. Is there 3 in rating breakdown. That could be a guide…

EDIT: I saw your performance and communication level seems to be the key.

However, more important is how Seller rated you in their private feedback and this can be very different from what they submitted publicly.

I would not worry too much with one 4 star rating, I would still work with that client. You will probably ask more questions during new job solicitation. You may also want to consider asking them directly how to deliver even better result than that with the last job.


He has given me 4 stars on all the 3 metrics.

Sound advice. I am already taking a cautious approach with the buyer. Let’s see how it goes. Any suggestions on how to publicly respond to the buyer feedback on my timeline. He has rated me 4 stars and said thank you very much.

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As said, 4 star is not bad at all. I would re-consider responding to their feedback even if it’s tempting. What would you like to respond to “Thank you very much”? Makes no sense to me.

Focus on upcoming communication and service you bring to Buyer next time.

Buyer definitely left space for 5 star review so go to get it. :wink: