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How to deal with an ill-judged negative rating as a beginner?

What a sad welcome!!

Well, here is the background story-
"Some months ago, as a curious individual, I had created an account on Fiverr. Learning little by little, with an immense interest in doing hard work, I managed to create Gigs. However, after failing to get any buyers, my expectations of getting any work from Fiverr reached a sad end. I left!

Although I still had some hope, so I did not delete my account"

Coming to the point-
Recently, when I finally made a comeback on Fiverr, what I am seeing is that a buyer had assigned an order to me, Fiverr had accepted that order on my behalf, asking the requirements from buyer (an automated message, right). And without my knowledge, the order happened to be late, late and finally cancelled by that buyer with a ‘Negative’ rating and review, stating that I could not deliver at time!

All this happened when I was not even present on Fiverr. And as a beginner who had already left, I was neither aware about her orders nor about a feature so-called ‘Vacation Mode’!

And now all I see is a month old negative review and rating. :confused:

Moreover, that buyer regularly comes online, but she doesn’t reply to my messages, where I have been continually trying to make her understand my situation…

She should understand my point as well. I am yet to start working on Fiverr and she has linked a negative thing with my profile. I feel like a victim of my naivety, Fiverr’s excellent automated system as well as the insensitive and ill judged decision of the buyer

This is extremely disappointing.

I seek the wise words and suggestions of experienced members here.

And at the same time, I also seek support of Fiverr staff. I really wish to get that rating removed. Fiverr can do its inquiry that I had not been present on Fiverr all that time. Why will any sane seller accept an order he cannot deliver? I am stuck.

Never leave a Fiverr seller account – with active gigs – unattended. It is not the buyer’s fault that you abandoned and ignored an active gig. The buyer didn’t know that you had abandoned that gig. He/she likely wanted your services, and when you did not respond, they were right to cancel their order. I hate to say it, but you earned that negative review – you left gigs active and abandoned them without notice to potential buyers. If you had given up on Fiverr, as you claim, you should have either closed your account, or paused your gigs.

Unfortunately, what’s done is done. That negative review is permanent, and cannot be removed. The best thing to do is move forward, learn from this experience, pay attention to your active gigs, and don’t let this happen again.


@jobaas Thanks for answering! I agree I was at fault. As a beginner, I
should have known basic features about Fiverr before creating the gigs.
Personally, if I would have been a buyer, I might have considered the 'why’
factor if a would have asked to remove the rating. But then, it is just me.
I think I should ignore the rating and move on focusing more on working
more and better.

Thanks again for all the information and suggestions you provided. :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome.