How to deal with Annoy sellers


I am pretty annoyed how many messages I am getting from sellers looking for work. Every day I am receiving at least few messages about asking for work, to give them work, or they want to see my work example. I’m not replied for them. Because, it’s really annoy for me. But, now my response rate reduced to 90%. :worried: What I do for now? How I deal with this annoy sellers?


You must answer to 100% of the messages received if you don’t want to have a bad response rate.
Just send : No or - or Not interested (or whatever you want to write!)
And then, report these messages by clicking on the report button and block the sellers who send you these messages.


just first if its already spam then unspam then reply them fast and again mark them as spam


I totally agree with @carineb


I usually reply… Please don’t spam, it disturbs whole community…


Thank you very much for your advice. :+1:


Thank you for your advice. :+1:


Ok. I’ll do it. Thank you. :+1:


Why you say that? Everyone said that report the message as Spam.


welcome :slight_smile:


In order to keep your response rate at highest level, you have to reply all incoming messages.

As an advice, if you think that message is true Spam, you can press button Report as spam, and this user won’t be able to contact you anymore.

In other cases, you can create a Quick Response via Use a Quick Response button and the reply to such messages will take you less than two seconds.


Ok. Thank you for your advice. :+1:


Just report their message as spam.


Thank you for your advice. :+1::blush: