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How to deal with buyers delaying delivery?

How do you typically deal with buyers delaying deliverys because of personal reasons?

I’m a Wordpress Developer & currently have a client that delays the delivery (checking if everything is fine etc., orders are usually a back and forth in feedback & making changes). Currently shes delaying the order and can’t check if everything is the way she wants out of personal reasons (coronavirus, dog biting the laptop cable? etc.).

Since in the end it hurts my gig (because I have to ask for extended deliverys multiple times which results in a flagged order.

GIG order is 300$.

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It is your choice when to deliver by being firm with your clients about that. I understand you have to check in with the buyer about what they want but at some point you have to simply say that you will be delivering the finished site. I don’t know how many revisions you offer but that should also be limited.

How you handle this problem is up to you. Sometimes you need to stand up for yourself with clients.


Woah. This right here doesn’t make sense to me. That’s what the revision process is all about AFTER delivery. You should never be stuck in a situation where you’re delaying deliveries for clients personal problems when you finished your end of the bargain. No way, no how. If you finished the job, deliver, and offer revisions. Explain to them how the revision process works and that it’s their time to look over your work and provide feedback and changes if need-be. If the buyer cannot do it within that amount of time yet and the order has been accepted, then great, at least you’ve been paid, and then you can edit their work if need be.


This happens to me sometime.
Can’t we tell the buyer that this effect our gig?

No. The buyer isn’t concerned or responsible for your gig. What you can say is that you will deliver it and they can ask for revisions is they need to.


Oh. I thought so.
Mostly I say is, you can ask the changes through inbox. This saves time.

I don’t think this is allowed. They are supposed to use the revision button.

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They do, but when they keep asking minor changes and delaying to respond back. Then I say them to ask the changes through inbox.

I understand but there is probably a rule against doing that.


Thanks, I’ve gone the route of sending in the website as delivery and told my client to send the website back in for revision if additional changes have to be made. I’ll keep you guys updated on how things turned out.

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