How to deal with buyers like this


I want to ask and tell stories.
I’ve been getting orders like this several times. Pay the price of the basics and want the standard price results. And when I asked for an additional fee, she/he did not want and insisted that the order is canceled which would automatically lower my gig rating.
How to solve it?



Perhaps you should reword the contents of both the basic and the standard packages and make sure the buyers understand that the prices are different.
Another way is to just grant their requests and get your positive reviews.


In my opinion, my package description and brief are very clear. And yes, the only thing I can do is do the job even if it does not match my offer, better than canceling the order.
Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:


You could offer only one package, based on the “Standard” one (headshot / halfbody drawing), currently priced at $10. The “Premium” package could have a Gig on his own, since offers a rather different service (caricature).

Customers that need more or less should ask for a custom order.
The key is to build your packages so to contrast manipulative buyers.


You should do the amount of work possible in that standard price. And ask your buyer to pay for extra work (if he requests extra). Or you should increase your Standard gig price and give concise Description.


To play safe make new gigs for your standard services… and keep a separate gig for the basic service… So the clients cannot fool you.


I see. Maybe soon I will change my gig by trying to offer 1 package. Thanks for your suggestion, worth a try :slight_smile:


I’ll find a way to create a description well for customers to understand. Thanks for your suggestion, maybe later I will try to raise the price :slight_smile:


Thanks. I will note your opinion and maybe later I will try :slight_smile: