How To Deal With Buyers That Don't Know What's Better For Them?


How do you deal with a buyer that even after explaining doesn’t get why you did something?
How do you deal with someone that besides having no experience want things done in a way they think is right? How do you deal with someone that has no idea what they are doing except for the fact that they think what they’re doing is right.
How do you deal with someone who clearly doesn’t know how to speak English but questions the readability of the content?

I swear, this month has been full of people that decided that their new year’s resolution is to be an annoying pain.

NOTE: Seriously, how do you deal with buyers like this?


Number one is have infinite patience in explaining over and over.

Two is assuring and explaining very firmly that you are an expert and you were hired because you know best what is the correct way to do something.

This is a problem designers face all the time, as well as hair stylists and others who are hired for their expertise yet are told to do things they know are not correct.


I’ve tried and dear god I’m so annoyed. It’s like these people just don’t want to succeed. I’m currently in a spot where I can take a few hits to my stats but it just doesn’t feel right in cases like this.


If there is any way you can simply go along with their stupidity and accomodate it then do that.

I would have to refund the person who can’t understand English who questions the readability of yours.

Some buyers are very confused. I got a review tonight saying “waiting for your response” after the buyer sent a message as soon as I delivered saying “will I hear from you again?” so now it looks like I never responded to her.


I’m just speechless at how incredibly ignorant people can be. Why listen to a professional with a track record of success when you can wing it, right?


I see you write product descriptions for Amazon sellers so I can imagine the problems you face from them.


Surprisingly no, most are pretty nice people. Then there are some exceptions. Dear lord and are they hard to deal with.