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How to deal with buyers who do not respond on time


Good day all, please i am currently having a buyer that place order for a service, it took two days before he provide the requirements and afterwards asking for his feedback and/or clarifications of the task has not been easy, it takes almost 24hours for him to reply to questions. this has affected my account as he made me deliver late for the first time, I need suggestions and/or tips on how to deal with such buyers. Thanks


1. Deliver the products based on requirements,
2. Politely ask him/her to be responsive to you,
3. Wait for his/her response,
4. Use resolution center,
5. Contact CS.

If the buyers aren’t responsive enough, you can follow any of these steps.


Sorry to know this happened to you. I was just talking about this very same issue on other post. One more tip is to check their average response time when you get a particular buyer’s order. It may help determine the responding frequency of that buyer in advance :slight_smile:

Best of luck!


Hello @redehub
I already face situation like you are now.
there is 2 people answer your question they are right but one thing is missing that you must not forgot about that
every time you must see buyer time zone if you see on your writing panel upper-right side you can see time of buyer place so that will be your advantage and it in-cress your probability of buyer response …

I hope that will help you to get good reviews form buyer and become successful seller.

Best regards,
jaydeepsinh :slight_smile:


hey you don’t have to worry about it
just deliver what he/she need
if he/she didn’t reply just leave it.
3 day the task is done