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How to deal with buyers who intentionally get the result without paying

I need your help and experience to deal with buyers who intentionally get my result without paying and decrease my cancellation rate also.
Last week, I have met several buyers, who made me upset and lost belief in Fiverr.
They ordered my gig, the first they said about their requirements, then when i completed all requirements, they requested to change, i completed again, even they are not changes, they are additional works. At the end they told that i didn’t complete as their requirements, and request to cancel. I lost money and more painful my cancellation rate decreased, it wasn’t worth.
Other one even didn’t listen to me, when received my result he rejected and requested to cancel immediately, what do you think? Obviously, he had this plan before and he intentionally did that.

I wonder how sellers deal with these buyers? We can not control this when they intentionally do that. Ask Fiverr? No, i don’t know why they always protect buyers, at least in these cases they don’t mark those order as cancelled and don’t decrease cancellation rate of sellers. It is unfair.

Or is there any ways i didn’t know?

Thank you for reading.


When they request to cancel, reject the request.


When i delivered the result :frowning:

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Is there anyone can help?

I’ve faced the same issue a few days ago. The work that buyer gave me was pretty simple and straight-forward. As soon as I’ve shown him a sample, he made a dispute about canceling. I had to accept it, otherwise, he could’ve given me a bad review which is very bad for a seller’s profile impression.
If you ask me, I’ll suggest going for cancellation and make customer support know the details about it so that it won’t affect you much. As long as there are scum buyers like these, there are buyers who’ll inspire you to do your work and appreciate you! Keep faith in yourself and give your best efforts. :slight_smile:


Thank you for you advice. I had to cancel the order also, but it make increasing my cancellation rate, this is also very bad for a seller’s profile impression. Have ever contact Fiverr support about this? and How was the result?
Thank you!

Luckily I was the victim for one time! So I didn’t contact the CS. But I’ve seen many sellers doing this and advising others to do the same. I’ve also heard if a seller cancels first, he/she will have the advantage. So keep that in mind for the future. :slight_smile:
You should explain CS about your situation and hopefully they can give you the best solution! :slight_smile:

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They always protect buyers. But in dont understand why they didnt consider those situations? They always lay the blame on sellers. I have heard from my friends that it’s useless to contact them.
I’m very disappointed. I have good services, my REAL buyers recognized that, i get 100% positive feedback, many buyers came back to me for using my services many times. But cancellation rate decreased as low now, and my sales went down, too.
I don’t know how to do. Fiverr should create a fairer enviroment for both: sellers and buyers. But now they apply
draconian laws for only sellers.
If Fiverr team read this, please think about your laws which applies for sellers and make it better than for us, Fiverr is a great platform for freelancers, so please make Fiverr as the best.
Thank you!

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If you delivered what was promised in the gig, refuse the cancellation.

TOS backs you up “Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.”


No they definitely do not. They protect sellers too. If they give a refund to a buyer there is always a good reason such as the buyer not getting what was offered. Not one time in five years has customer support ever given one of my buyers a refund. That is about 6000 orders— not one refund.

Why don’t you refuse to cancel? If you know you did a good job and they are only asking to get free work then refuse.


I refused but they told me they will escalate to higher level, and i saw my friend failed when he refused and contact Fiverr support, he also received a warning from Fiverr but he didn’t make anything wrong. You know our gig’s description can not explain detail all thing we will do, ex. i told that i can write a excel macro from 5$ but macro has many types from simple thing to very complicated thing, so we have to make an agreement first. But in agreement, there are many general steps and they can base on this to tell that sellers didn’t complete all requirments.

If your gig says you will write an excel micro without any limit on it then that is what you must do. And it won’t matter if you tell them it costs more. Customer service will refund the money if you refuse to do what your gig says you will do.

You must actually sell what your gig offers.

You can’t say you will write an excel micro, get the $5 for it and then refuse to deliver it or customer support must refund the money.

Here is what you MUST DO for $5 as your gig states:

All I can do with from 5$ and high quality result with express delivery are:
Process excel database up to million of rows;
Creat excel formulas to calculate excel data;
Creat excel forms (invoice, finance report, time plan, business stastistic…);
Creat excel charts, graphs;
Creat excel, google spreadsheets;
Creat excel macro VBA to do regular works automatically;
Combine, extract excel data from cell, column;
And many other things can be done with Excel, let contact me and i can creat way to do it.

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Though it does say “from $5” (not for $5). Not that the actual price will be $5. So it could be >=5 if it says “from $5” (eg. it could be from $5 to $50) - though the price listed on the gig is only $5. Though I’ve seen other sellers list a $5 price but say something like that you have to contact them for a specific price.

It says “My gig is from 5$, so to avoid any confusions, please make sure you will contact me before order.”. Maybe it could say something like “contact must be made to arrange a specific price for the work you require” if a custom price always needs to be given depending on the complexity of the job.

The gig doesn’t have packages. It could have packages and the basic package could have simple macros (and what is meant by these could be described in the gig) etc. and the higher priced package could allow for the more complex macros etc. Though that’s for future orders, not for the current one.

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You need to remove that sentence completely if you are telling people after they order that you can’t do it for $5 after all.

Thank you for you advice. so i need to change it something like "“My gig is from 5$, so to avoid any confusions, please make sure you will contact me before order.”.?
Does it make more sense?

Thank you so much,
So should i write: “My gig is from 5$, so to avoid any confusions, please make sure you will contact me before order.”

I think that’s basically what it already says. I meant adding something saying they “must” contact you before ordering (or something like that - similar wording but ensuring it’s it in a polite way) if they have to contact you first so that you can determine the actual price (if that is what you need them to - you can say it’s a requirement that they contact you before ordering that gig or something). You could also say that your gig prices “start at $5” to make it more clear. But I think you could also use packages and have a higher priced package for the more complex/time consuming tasks (having packages would also automatically say “starting at $[basic gig price]”.

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But you know, ex, i can create a excel macro, but there are many type of macro, from simple ones to complex ones, so i cant create hundreds of gigs. One tell i can create a excel macro can copy data in Range A1 - H100 for 5$, or i will create a macro can make a report from your data (there are 3 files: 1st file is…2nd file is blah blah…), the report need data from sheet 1…from sheet 2…sum of range A1 - A100…blah blah…for 30$.
So i must tell buyers that they “must” contact me first for discussing about their works and i can give them exact quote.

Yes could use use wording a bit like that (whatever is polite but that states that it is a requirement) - you could use “requirement” as part of the wording.

Also I wasn’t saying create multiple gigs but I was suggesting multiple packages within 1 gig (ie. the Excel gig), where the basic package was for the easiest tasks, the standard package could be for more difficult/time consuming tasks and the premium package could be for the most difficult/time consuming ones (so 3 different packages in 1 gig), and you could describe what was included in each package (eg. how complex etc.) Though that doesn’t stop people ordering the cheapest package and asking for something only contained in one of the higher priced packages (though they shouldn’t do that). It will also allow you to set a different delivery time for each package as well as a different price.


I know how that feels. Did work for like 6 hours to get my job perfectly done and then the person replied with an insult that made me angry. Just cause we do our work as promised, some as I call them “scammers” dispute and write fake problems! I dont care about the money, but the time I used to do the job correct and as focused as possible. I like the idea of this site but I am going to stop working here cause I want some support as a seller! I am also a human being that also needs to eat and pay rent! :rage::rage::rage: