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How To Deal With Careless Customers?

Well Hello Everyone I Am New On This Platform And I Think I Am Bit Lucky To Get Some Orders As I Started On Fiverr
According To My Posts I Deliver The Job Asap Within 1 Day And I Am Totally Dedicated To My Work.
So Recently I Got Order For Some Guy Who Seem To Be Really Busy Like I Have Made What He Was Looking For But Still For Final Touch Up’s I Ask Him What Else You Want Me To Change In This But He Is Least Cares About It
What Should I Do Now ? In Other Words He Is Delaying My Delivery Time & He Is Least Bothered About It


First of all, you don’t need to put capital letters on each word. It makes it really difficult to read.

Secondly when you finished your work, you should deliver it with a “deliver” button and your buyer can request a revision if they need to or let it autocomplete. Buyers not obliged to reply to you after you delivered an order.

What you are describing not even a problem. Please read fiverr help page on how it works and you wouldn’t have this difficulties.


Sure thing !! Thanks anyways

Just deliver the order when you are finished. Often someone will place an order then not have interest in it any more. You will hear from him if he is not pleased with what he got from you.

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Yea mam exactly , it effects my delivery score what can do :frowning: i did my job

It does not affect anything. If the customer does not get back to you after you’ve delivered the order, you can just move on to your next order. It doesn’t negatively affect your stats/account in any way.


i was talking about in case of dispute , well i have met one guy who was confused he ordered and then opened a dispute since the quality was low according to him so i had to close it, due to which i have been penalized in delivery rate
i created a post regarding it sir

Please do not mix different threads up. In this thread titled “How To Deal With Careless Customers,” you had initially only mentioned that you had a customer who was non-responsive post order delivery. So, my previous reply was regarding that. It was not about something you had written in an entirely different thread that you only created 5 minutes ago.

In a different thread (which was created only 5 minutes ago):

you’ve mentioned that a buyer had opened a dispute for cancellation.

Please do not mix these two threads up. This is the first time you’ve mentioned about a cancellation dispute in this thread. I am sorry, but without you having mentioned it before, there’s no way I could have known that you were talking about something other than what’s being discussed in this thread.


The two threads about this should be merged together.

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Yes, it will affect delivery rate if a buyer ask you revision after the deadline.

In this case, you should add 3 or 4 days delivery for your gigs & 1 day delivery with extra charge… If any client needs your service in urgent then he/she will select your service with one day delivery…

But if a client is not in hurry and your delivery time is one day then I think it will be not client’s fault that he/she asking you revision after 2 days…

Make your gig for each type of clients, not for those who needs your service in just one day…

Good Luck :+1:

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I am new to this platform as a seller, but I have a person who recommended it and explained many things about it and that person tells me that it does not matter if the buyer does not answer the messages, for something there are the mandatory requirements that you ask the buyer before starting the order, with these requirements that the buyer offered you can start working.

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