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How to deal with difficult clients


How to deal with such a client who don’t want to leave rating after work in done and does reply once or twice a week?


I just answer them. It’s not unusual to not leave a rating.


ok… If he ask me do more work for free unless I will not get any rating or get bad rating. what should I do then? :thinking:


Say no … unless you offered unlimited revisions in your gig, then you have to keep on doing it.


ya. I offered unlimited revision. :persevere:


Then unfortunately for you, you have to keep on doing them forever if he requests it.


oh. that’s irritating. Can I block him? because the order is complete. :astonished:


Commitment is important. you wanted to help the buyer infinity times and he just appreciated your proposal :smirk:


No you can’t block someone after you offer unlimited revisions. Someone got banned for that. You should take that out of your gig description!


yes. I helped him a lot and the order was completed


ok. thank you for your advice. :slightly_smiling_face: