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How to deal with dumb buyers

no doubt i am a beginner but i am dealing a buyer who dont even know how to receive a completed order… i have delivered the order but he had no idea form where to receive it and without watching the delivered work he asked for modification… i dont understand what to do

Instead of calling your buyer dumb, which is incredibly rude, why don’t you explain the process to them or direct them to customer support?

An order is not complete until the buyer approves (unfortunately). How did the buyer ask for modifications? Formally rejecting the delivery or via message? (If they figured out how to reject they probable will figure out how to approve when they are happy). How do you know they didn’t watch the work?
Oh and yes, be nice, they are new just like you are. And brush up your grammar, punctuation and capitalization (yes, it’s the internet, but it is better to be crystal clear)
If everything fails then contact support with the order number.
Good luck!

Here’s a tip for BOTH of you, read Fiverr’s FAQ & TOS, simple really… :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to Fiverr Academy and send him the right links.

contact with fiverr team

i taught him how to upload a file on fiver i was behaving very nicely to him and even i have delivered his order 2 to 3 times but now i am thinking to cancel the order but am conscious about my rating :’(

how i knew
because i send him 15 files and he said that he got only one and that was not the delivered work that was just a sample which i send him 2 or 3 days ago before work delivery… and the buyer is not new on fiver he is 2 years old customer… and now i am in way to cancel the order because he asked for modification and didn’t tell me what modifications he wanted…then how can i modify something :smiley:

thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Send the delivery again until he gets it. Just keep delivering it.
And tell customer support about this problem. Maybe he just pretends to be dumb.

yes this is also possible… by the way i am a big fan of yours… i saw your gigs they are very attracting (y)

Why thank you! You get a nice discount if you stop by! xx

I faced a similar issue with one of my buyer, he kept rejecting the delivery, without telling me what needs to be changed. When I asked why for like the 700th time he said, he has sent the illustration to his client, and until he gets a response back from him, he would keep rejecting my delivery.

Send him screenshots of where he can find the files. That is a sure way to find out whether he really can’t understand how to download the files or he’s a shady buyer.

not fair -_-

he was not able to find any link that i was sending him not even in the inbox but now we have cancelled the order mutually

Customer Support. Spamming the mod button isn’t allowed and they will have your back. As the middleman between his client and you, that’s his responsibility to shoulder, not yours.

The order was marked Late because of this, and I got a notification stating that I should deliver on time, and late delivery would result in 10% less buyer activity.
I raised a CS request, but unfortunately CS sided with the buyer. They asked me to deliver what the buyer wants (* I would, if he could just tell me what he wants*) and to resolve the issue without provoking the buyer, it was like they didn’t even read my complaint. The message sent to me looked like a template.

Now he got what he wanted for free, this is totally unfair!