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How to deal with fake buyers?

Recently I came across a buyer who just cancels the order after receiving the work. He said that my answers was wrong. I checked them again and found them correct. I told him that my answers are correct and he just provided the answer in different format and cancels the order. I understood that he does not intends to pay me. Afterwards he just gives me a negative review.

I had never got negative review before this.

I don’t know how to deal n such situations. Can somebody tell me what to do?
I also think that it is better if fiverr comes up with such a thing so as to safeguard the sellers from such buyers

If you have a proof that what you delivered was right then you can open a ticket with the CS.
I’m not sure if they will go into it thoroughly since the service you provide will not be what they are familiar with or easily verifiable.

Contact customer support.

You have to deal with this issue by yourself, customer support lol

I opened a ticket with customer support. Lets us see if they are in a position to check the answers? I will also attach all the files here for the bloggers to see if my answer is wrong

I am not able to upload files here.
can anybody tell me why?