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How to deal with messages that you respond to, is it forever?


Okay, so I’ve lost all my levels in a day and for the first time ever, really upset because it’s to do with response rate. I’ve had quite a few spam messages and people responding to a ‘post request’ I put up. I need help clarifying how to deal with these situations please.

So my questions are;

  1. If you have spam messages, do you have to report them for these to not be included in your response rate %?

  2. If you respond to every message but because they are a seller just like us, it keeps going on forever even though you don’t need to keep responding because the conversation is finished. What do you do?

  3. If a conversation is finished and you want to end it, does archiving or deleting stop you having to respond and being counted in your response rate?

We are all very busy workers on here, we can’t be held responsible for ‘unimportant’ messages.

  1. You do need to respond to even spam messages at the moment although that is being worked on at the moment.
    I suggest just responding with “no thanks” and then reporting it as spam.
  2. You do not need to respond to more than one message - only the first message from someone counts.
  3. No need, after your first reply, the response requirement is finished.


Many sellers don’t know this so it’s like a ‘Goodbye contest’ until one side gives up.


You’re so right! :rofl:


If you are using Available Now feature then you must reply either it is old buyer…
as i think it is not necessary to reply, but i got Alert notification… that reply fast other this feature will be block for a month…


Yes, that is true - I havent used the feature so I never think about it!