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How to deal with multiple deliveries for a single order?

Hello everyone,
I’m a new seller and have been stuck on something. Please help me out.
A buyer agrees to buy a custom gig. It consists of 20 articles. And, the delivery time is about 20 days later. I haven’t delivered such a custom order before. So, I’m a bit worried about the delivery process. What is the best way to deliver the work?

  1. Complete the entire work and deliver the same before the deadline altogether.
  2. Deliver the articles frequently within 20 days. For example, sending one article as an attachment daily.
    What is the best way to cope up with this tricky situation without violating the T&C?
    What if the buyer requests me to send them in a gap of 1-2 days without waiting for the final day?
    Thank you
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When creating a custom offer, there’s the option to deliver in mile stones. I believe you should use that, but I’m not sure how it works as I’ve never used it before.

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