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How to deal with Negative Review?

I have Level 2 Seller and maintained 100% rating with 310+ orders.

Today I got my first negative review

Can I refund the buyer to remove that negative review?

Your thoughts?

I want to encourage you. You are at a pivotal point and you are set to do some amazing things. It looks like you have several low reviews. Try to do everything you can to make the buyer’s experience out of this world. Communicate well. Never be too busy to make their project perfect. If you are too busy, you need to raise your rates so you are able to offer the service. Never tell a customer you can’t help them quickly because your were busy helping someone else. That tells them, they are not important. I have had customers apologize because they say they know I am busy. I make sure I tell them that it is actually a great day and I have plenty of time to help make their project perfect.

On a 3 day gig delivery, I make revisions usually in several hours. When revisions are requested, I literally drop what I am doing and make the revision. The speed of the revision is massively impressive to the customer. It’s like you become a super hero. But this is always a challenge because you probably have new orders that are due. You just have to juggle it carefully.

You are probably concerned about the latest negative review which looks like it is because the customer cancelled the order after it was 24 hours late. If the customer did not hold the project up, this is probably not removeable. Your messages with the customer would show if it was true.

Don’t be frustrated with people needing more than you offer. These needs will slowly become your larger sales. It use to frustrate me when someone needed more than $5 of work. I then realized that I was auditioning for $100.00 projects down the road. That is the best way to grow your price point.

It is very hard to deal with negative reviews, especially when you have done way more than any reasonable person should expect. When you are a conscientious person, you take it personally. Don’t. People will say and do things on line they never would if they were face to face with you. Also, I do not find that 100% positives on an account with lots of orders very credible. No one is perfect and getting a few dings is not all bad. Lastly, take some time off. I put the vacation sign up and suggest others do so as well. Come back fully charged after a break. I hope this is helpful.

What negative review did you get? Did you get 1 star or something? A 4.5 to a buyer is not negative at all, to a seller they sometime complain it’s not perfect, but that is certainly not a bad review.

However, what you should do if you get a bad review first, is to message the buyer and say something like…I noticed you did not gave 5 starts, is there a modification or revise I can make on your order so you are completely satisfied? I am happy to do this. I want all my buyer to be happy with their order. If you are not happy with your order in some way I will gladly refund your order.

Or something along those lines.

That’s a great suggestion @sincere18!

Great Level 2 certified recommendations by @hgnicoll and @sincere18 !!!

Contact the Buyer and make Customer Support your Top priority when trying to resolve issue.

If it’s a misunderstanding, see it from the Buyers point-of-view and maybe try ordering Gig here or there to stay in tuned with Buyer wants and needs.