How to deal with people like this?


It’s ok to ask for a job, but doing it like this… How do you deal with people like this? Thanks!



I guess, simply ignore them :smiley:


Does ignoring them affects response rate?


Yeah, it effects. then just reply them HI.


Yes! It does decrease your response rate if you ignore them… Please DON’T just ignore them… Just send an initial response like “sorry, not interested”, or “no, thanks”, or “REPORTED!” :wink: and then, you can ignore them all you want! :wink:


Actually, the only acceptable reason to message someone on Fiverr is if you need to ask about a service they’re providing because you want to purchase it. It’s a ToS violation to ask for a job, and you can report it.


Tell them you need your house cleaning, car washing, and murder pit de-evidence-ing in 2-hours sharp. If they are up for it, ask them to send you a $5 custom offer. Accept it and then leave them a 1-star review to teach them a lesson.