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How to deal with poeple who gave you a low star rating due thier faults?

Few days ago i worked on an order the buyer was too busy to reply he just select one idea and demand for small change in the logo i just did it as he wanted by the time he appreciated what i had made but after that he was offline for 4 days and then suddenly i got a 3.4 star rating with a negative comments that “we naver liked what you made but you tried”
I my view he put all he responsibility on me because if he dont like what i made he had unlimited revision he could deny what i made and also he could ask for revison but no he didn’t .Even he was failed to reply my single mail for more than a week i offered him refund too . Now i am asking from fiverr forum that why i was blamed for it why i got low star review i had naver so much rude before as i am today in this forum .but after that day my selling was disturbed too much and now i am thinking that i should leave

You tried your best. We can understand that you are sad because of this. But did you try contacting support from regarding this? If you didn’t I think at least you should let them know about this. I heard reviews can be changed within 15 days. Maybe they can help you. And if things still don’t change, just give the client a bad review too.

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