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How to deal with some tricky buyers

I am offering a vector tracing service, In which I do attach source file such as Ai in the delivery! But sometimes I do scared to attach it in the delivery! Because is it possible for buyer to initiate cancelling order after receiving source file which he need and lying that he dint liked the output! How to deal with such buyers? Any Idea?


I don’t thing you should be worried about anything. By default, if you send an image to a buyer on Fiverr. Fiverr marks the image with their watermark. Until the buyer accepts the delivery, is the only time he or she can be able to get the image with no Fiverr watermark.

That’s what Fiverr does to protect their freelancers, isn’t it amazing?

The biggest problem of the Fiverr gives Buyers all permissions to receive her money, even though the freelancer all did right. Even when you have already closed the order, the customer can contact Fiverr and she will return the money back to him.

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The watermark is for only images and videos! But I think its not for source file such as Ai


Sorry, I didn’t get that.

Actually source file is a file which can open in software and it is editable

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I know that. I also send HTML, CSS & JavaScript source files to clients when I working on an order for my Front End Web Development gigs.

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Don’t under charge. It attracts scammers.

Cancel any order where the buyer demands you do more work than what they ordered and don’t start the work. These people WILL scam you.

Thanks for your concern!

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