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How to deal with someone ask for low price?

Hello, there is more then half of fiverr buyer who looking to take high value and wanna to pay low cost for it. So if we face this types of buyer, how to deal with them to shift their mind to a reasonable price? Thank you!!!

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I tell them they can take my price or find someone else to do it. I say this in as nice way as I can, but I remain firm. Depending on how low price they’re asking I also tell them it might be hard to find someone who can do that job with my level of quality in such a short timeframe for a lower cost, but that I wish them luck. Usually they then agree to my price.

Always remember that you are not only selling your skills, but your time as well. Your time isn’t worthless, it’s everything.

To agree to lowered prices all the time will just lower profits for everyone in your category. Leave the super low prices for 0-levels who need to build their level.

Also, I should add, a customer who is not willing to pay you what you’re asking, is likely going to be a customer who will also complain a lot and ask for extra work later on. Serious businesses usually know that if they want quality, they need to pay for it. Even on Fiverr.


Exactly. Thank you for your effort and sharing valuable info with us.

You are super-wise and intelligent. Thank you for this piece of advice. I’m a professional writer but I’m still new here, still trying to find my way around many things. I’m just trying to let you know how invaluable your advice is to me. Once more, thank you.

Yup, there you go!!
I have a lot of people ask me to give them “my best price” which means
the lowest price possible, but I always tell them that I will not give away discounts
and stick to the amount mentioned in my gig description because if I give discounts,
that would be unfair towards my other buyers who have agreed to pay in full.

They can complain, I had people get upset and tell me I am too expensive and that they are plenty of people who offers the same service at a way lower price.
I just tell them that they can go place an order with them. :slight_smile:

In a lot of cases, they come back though. And yes, they agree to pay.