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How to deal with the buyers playing with the seller's hope?

Hi fiverr community!
Hope all are fine! I’m been on fiverr from June 2020. In the meanwhile, many buyers requested me to write a sample work for them . I wrote and delivered their required samples but didn’t got order from any of them.
How to deal with it. Your feedback will be highly encouraged!
Thanks in advance!

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before work you can show your previous sample first . when they like your sample you can start an order then start their work .

thanks .

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I did the same, provide him a previous work of mine but he was continuously asking for a customized sample.

You can say their first start order then I can customise .

There’s your answer.

They tried to scam you and you complied and didn’t see it for what it was.

Then you wondered why you didn’t get an order.

If you want to stop your hope being played with, stop hoping for irrational things that depend on your exploitation. No one who does this is a professional. No one. They know you’re desperate and they’re playing with you.

Also, reflect on why people try to do this with you. It’s probably because you’re offering writing despite not being of professional quality. Your grammar isn’t even correct. Naturally that will attract unprofessional, sketchy people.


Why would they order from you when you already did it for free?

Never give them customized samples for free. Send them a custom offer for a small sample; if they refuse, you’ll know that they’ve never intended to hire you and pay you.


How do you deal with them?
You don’t deal with them.

All customised “samples” are paid work not a “sample”. If they want a sample they can pay 5$ for a sample before ordering bigger piece.

If they don’t agree for that then they are obviously trying to scam you.


Thank you.

Samples are for cheese that you can scale without spending money. They’re not for time and skill that you would just be throwing away. And it’s clearly a scam, as you say, anyway.

These types are also attracted to people who sell services they aren’t proficient in.


I’ve looked through some of your gigs and the different levels of English and writing skills do seem a bit confusing to me. I personally couldn’t tell if some gig descriptions were stolen from someone else’s gig. If I wanted to hire you, I would definitely ask for a custom sample just to be sure. If you offer custom samples for free then buyers will exploit that.
Same with unlimited revisions by the way, those are going to be an issue for you sooner or later.


Show them your sample only for one time… Before order there is edit or customization.