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How to deal with the buyers who change the terms after order delivery


Mostly the buyers who order my gigs provide me detailed info regarding their needs so its easy and fun to work with them. But there are some buyers who present their needs and when I deliver them they reject it saying this is not what they wanted. Then they say to start over all again and ask me for something absolutely different form what they asked for previously. I don’t have any idea how to deal with this type of buyers. Also some of them threaten me to give negative feedback.

Also I cannot cancel the order straight away as I have spent my resources on designing and this will also increase my cancellation ratio and will be detrimental to my reputation.

It will be really helpful if any seller gave me advice on this??

Here’s my gig for refrence:


I get buyers like that occasionally. They’ll provide some photos or general information but no explanation of how they want their design to look, so when I deliver their work they say it’s not what they wanted. I end up having to keep asking how they want it to look and generally receive useless responses like “it’s difficult to explain.” I always try to be as polite as possible with those kinds of buyers and explain that I can make what they need, but they first have to communicate their idea to me. It’s definitely frustrating, as the clock is ticking and I’ve already wasted time and effort.


Gosh that’s a tricky one. Maybe you can have your $5 gig be I"ll send you a pallet of script fonts and colours. For $5 more I’ll make you a logo based on that script font and that colour schema. And all your other extras.

Then you can always say, any changes to the font choice or colour schema generates a revision fee.


Reply to @spawnofcthulhu: Well thats my exact problem.


Reply to @anarchofighter: Seems like a nice idea, but I don’t think so that any buyer will be ready to pay a fees for revision.


Sammalothra, either way works out for you. Either they move on or pay, right?


the government should make a rule about customers should not threaten sellers.

superfunart said: the government should make a rule about customers should not threaten sellers.

Is this parody?

sammalothra said: Seems like a nice idea, but I don't think so that any buyer will be ready to pay a fees for revision.

I make it clear in my gig description that any changes to instructions after delivery means the buyer needs to buy another gig. I've not come across any buyer so far who has refused to pay again when it comes to a change in instructions, but I do direct them back to my revision policy in the gig description and state clearly why I charge that. Many have admitted that they've expected that to be the case.

Maybe I've been lucky in the three years I've been here (I've had other difficult buyers or problems along the way), but not all buyers expect the world for $5.


Well I think I will go with this idea. Thank you guys @anarchofighter & @aingham69

that was helpful. =D>

But I am still open to more idea. If anyone thinks they have a better idea, please post :smiley:


Reply to @anarchofighter: no I am serious, there are many people in this world ive seen in store that yell and shout at the sellers or the people working in the store as if they’re going to bite their head off.