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How to deal with these kind of buyers?

Hi i had some bad experience with buyers who asks for samples of their logos before placing the order its been 3 times when i show samples to 3 buyers before getting order but after seeing samples they didn’t reply.Its not fair with sellers who are spending time on creating these samples and then getting no response from buyers. maybe its a scam or something these people do ? because i have noticed one of them uploaded request on buyers requests section that he already have his logo and just need few modifications for 5$ when i uploaded the file he attached i was in shock that it was my design which i done for him as sample . So my question is how to deal with such buyers who want to see their logo sample before placing the order ?

Don’t give free customized samples out. This is what happens.

thats right but as you can see i only have 7 reviews so i thought may be its hard for them to trust on me thats why i did samples for them before getting order :frowning: bad experience but not gonna happened in future

You have a portfolio now, use that. This scam happens to just about everyone when they start out, so just forget about it and move on.

Don’t frustrated man. We should survive this situation and obviously waiting better time for you.

Thanks emmaki i was thinking that they are real buyers but thanks for letting me know that the are scammers :slight_smile:

You can also add a watermark on your wrk this way they cant use it.

Thanks for the help guys

Hi, You can put 2 or more watermark on your samples. but they can take your idea and redraw it.

They are fishing for people who are insecure and take advantage of them. Never give anything away for free.

I was going to give the same advice

Buyers who want free samples are probably not going to order from you anyways. That’s from experience.

Agree sir

True, but if its a logo they still have to pay someone to create it. Same with an image…they dont get it for free.

You give them samples of your OWN work - not theirs!
Make sure they are watermarked. You have to think smart in order to be successful on this site.

How to deliver a text/translation as a sample?

Try sending them in a Mock up. This would save you as the buyer asked just for the design that can easily be shown in mock up.

If you’re going to send samples, make sure they are in a smaller size than the required size and also make sure its watermarked

You should use watermark on your samples.I am agree with #raimi86

well said. agree with you :slight_smile: