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How to deal with this buyer who is not satisfied with my artstyle

So I’ve got around 30 custom orders for this gig, where I draw digital illustrations for couples & families and no one ever complained about my art style or service (all the reviews are 5 stars). However I got this buyer who said she’s disappointed with my final artwork, and the reason is: the faces don’t look like her and her boyfriend at all. I understand and tried to fix it but she’s still not satisfied, just asked “Can it be more like us please?” I really don’t know which part of the face she’s talking about… :pleading_face:

For a bit of context, my style is kinda cartoonish and I focus more on depicting the environment, mood and tone. So I don’t really make the characters’ faces the highest priority, since they’re always in a certain story, and people will recognize them rightaway even if the faces are a little bit stylized. All my clients understand this is just my style and they trust me to turn their moments into illustrations.

The thing is, I’m not pissed or anything at her because she’s probably right, but detailed portrait is not really my strength in this case just based on 1 reference photo, so I really don’t know what to do, how to improve this part… And I’m worried I would get the first bad review & rating because of this… :cry:

Of course I will try to put out some details again and deliver to her once more, but I doubt she will understand for me. What should I do? :cold_sweat:


It does not seem like this buyer will ever be satisfied with your work. And judging from your post, it does not seem like you want to get a negative review. So, if I were you, I would cancel the order. It is unfortunate, especially since you probably spent a lot of time working on it, but sometimes we just get difficult buyers.


Thank you for the suggestion and I feel like I want to give up already :sweat_smile: But it’s a $50 order and I was going back and forth with it for like a week now, so I guess I’ll just try to deliver again and again until she realizes that she’s being unreasonable… :sleepy:

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Does your work on this project match the quality/style of the work in your portfolio, or anything else that you sent this person as your work?

If the answer is a solid Yes then you can get Fiverr on-side as the client may well be being over-fussy or simply trying to get the work free.


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I would probe for more details. Ask the Buyer to be more specific, the vagueness doesn’t help. Try your best to save this $50 order. In business there’s a first for everything, I know you’re accustomed to everyone liking your work or not asking for too many revisions. Some Buyers like to nitpick… Focus on what she’s asking and try your best to revise the illustration. Let us know how it turns out!


After looking at your gig, it’s clear that your style is more cartoonish and focused on the surrounding environment. All the images on your portfolio have the same style and approach, I don’t see why anyone would expect anything different. If they wanted an artist who focuses more on facial structure and detail, then they should have found one.

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Hi there,
Sorry to hear about this…

But i agree with @vibronx
Even though you already work for weeks, it just going to halt your other progress.
I mean, this project will consume your mind and energy without any guarantee that your client will satisfied with your works.
Especially when you are offering unlimited revisions for this gigs, you won’t know how long you will work with this buyer.

Unless you have no other things todo, i would choose to cancel this project.
Better to maintain 5 star rate than get poor rate for just $50

Still, it is just my two cents :slight_smile:
Wish you luck,

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Just a heads up: you should remove all contact information from your pdf document like your website and your email address otherwise you are risking of loosing your account.


Oh yeah thank you so much, I really didn’t think about it… :frowning:

Thank you for the suggestion, since I started this thread I continued to deliver 2 more times but the buyer was still not satisfied. The final time she seemed to be given up and asked me to to switch back to one of the previous files, so I did :sweat_smile:

And now waiting for the review…

I agree with you, it’s just that facial details are not my strength in this particular style… :sweat_smile:

Thank you for that, my work on this project matches all the previous works I did within the same Gig, so I’m quite surprised and confused since it’s the first time I received this kind of feedback… ><

Thank you, since I started this thread I continued to deliver 2 more times but the buyer was still not satisfied. The final time she seemed to be given up and asked me to to switch back to one of the previous files, so I did :sweat_smile:

And now waiting for the review… I expect it wouldn’t be good because I was being a little bit direct to her (about the fact that my style doesn’t match her style :sleepy: )

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You’re welcome. At least you tried and you strike me as the type of person who takes pride in your work. My fingers :crossed_fingers:t4: and toes :footprints: are crossed for you. :grin:

Chin up! :pineapple:

Hello, I am roo. I have read down all the comments and I understand you are now waiting for final approval on the last piece you offered.

Two things: I don’t understand. Where is your portfolio? I don’t see any art on Fiverr. (I could be doing this wrong.)

When I worked for a slide making company in Toronto years ago, even before Power Point was popular and slide creating cost QUITE a lot, we charged for each change. This is something you might consider incorporating in the price of an illustration you offer in future. (i.e. ten dollars a change)

IMPORTANT: You cannot be a mindreader if the customer chooses to be fussy or not tell you something which, in my view, they should have mentioned VERY SPECIFICALLY at the start.

And it’s not ABOUT your style. It’s about customers being clear. And there should be a rating for how customers behave.

Is there?

Your time is just as valuable, if not moreso than any paying customer. Fiverr HAS no paying customers that it can take a cut from if it has no creatives to do the work.

In fact, if I’m not mistaken (I’m new. I’ll check this.) Fiverr takes a bigger cut off the CREATIVE don’t they? So that’s all the more reason to be RATING the people who ask for work to be done.

The time you waste on them, you could be getting paid, doing something else. Remember that.

And unless you feel they are trying to scam you in some way, I would check into this. Why didn’t they mention this at the start?

That’s just good business.

We once had a customer look at a slide illustration and ask to have the logo on the tennis shoe changed. No, this art was NOT about tennis shoes. So you see my point here.


Hi roo, thanks for sharing! The buyer gave me 5* for communication but 2* for the other two criteria, which I’m very disappointed about, after all my efforts. Anyway overall the project was 3* and reduced my point from 5.0 to 4.9 (which is not the end of the world I guess… :sweat_smile: )

And you got rightfully paid. :+1:t3: