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How to deal with this?

So I generally go all out to help my buyers. I give revisions that they haven’t paid for, I always over deliver and give more than they have paid for, and always try to deliver as soon as I humanly can, even if that means me staying up late at night to complete a project.

This forum has been very helpful to me so am reaching out again.

Imagine a scenario where someone orders a gig without contacting you. Let’s say that that it’s a 3-day delivery job. And they give one sentence about what they want, so vague that you don’t even know where to start. So you get in touch and they don’t respond. And then 2 hours before the work is due, they still have not responded and you still don’t have enough information to complete the work.

As an example, imagine a $10 gig about creative writing, and the buyer says “short story please” and then goes offline permanently.

What can I do about this? As far as I can see, I can request cancellation, which reflects badly on me as a seller, or I can just do my best and hope that the buyer is happy. It is really frustrating for me, I always want to do the best possible work for my customers but with so little information and a buyer who refuses to get in touch, what on Earth can you do?


Personally, I would bat it to CS when there’s around 24 hours left on the order. Explain to them that you’ve attempted to reach out to the buyer to no avail, and that you don’t have sufficient information to complete the task.

CS will cancel the order for you, and while there’s no guarantee, there’s a better chance that the cancellation will not impact your completion score if CS handle the cancellation for you. Way better than a Mutual Cancellation.

And then I would block the buyer.


It sounds as though you just sent a message to the buyer instead of opening a request which should stop the clock on your order, and also get the attention of the buyer IF they are online or pay attention to what they ordered. Whenever I have someone order something and leave out a vital part of the requirements, I always use the resolution center and extend the delivery date (even though, if they respond within a reasonable amount of time, I will deliver within the first delivery date) so that it stops the clock from ticking - or it should anyways. It has always worked for me.


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