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How to deal with Unresponsive buyer ? Please Help!

when my buyer placed his order, I asked some Questions to him and he said do “whatever”, he did not responded to my questions. I have delivered my work and even after that he did not respond me completely 1 day after I delivered everything and now he is appear from no where complaining about the exactly that thing I had asked before starting my work… is there any feature available on fiverr to deal with it ? or I have to do all the work again from starting ?
it really hurts.

Same Here?? Bro
If you will GET some ideas Please Inform me

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Hello! Are you a new seller?
Please, do not ever go ahead with an order if you don’t have all the needed requirements.
It happened to me to encounter some unresponsive buyers, but fortunately, the order was marked complete automatically after 3 days and did not hear from them again.

Anyway, try to get things clear with the buyer and ask him the exact requirements to go ahead as he/she wants. If he can’t be clear, another option would be to ask for the cancellation of the order (but that could affect your stats for few days), and indicate as reason “didn’t get enough information from the buyer” and send screenshots of the conversation too. I hope it helps!


YES! I’m Here New Seller?