How to decipher this?


Brains of the Fiverr forum assemble!

I have an urgent custom offer request for $258 but I simply can’t decipher what the buyer wants.

So here goes, what does this mean?

"I neimez Nurbolat Hi gays"

Now of course, I know that this is spam. The thing is, spam is all I have had all day and this guy seems like he might be one of those who goes and orders anyway.

So, what is this and while we’re on the subject, what has your most cryptic spam message been recently?


I am (name inserted ) hi guys


Hi guys, my name is Nurbolat?

I have no idea, TBH.

My usual response when I can’t decipher what they’re saying is “I’m sorry, but I don’t understand you, and I can’t help you”.


WoW! :rofl:

I recently received a phishing scam link. “I would like a video like this one, [A shortened link]” I opened up that link on incognito mode and what I see is fiverr login page with a weird website URL. I filled the credentials anyway…of course, not mine. :wink:


That actually makes sense!

I thought I was being called gay. Instead, it’s just an innocent “hello.”

I feel bad now.


Worst spam I get is from guys who just want to talk. No interest in buying anything. I think they’re lonely or bored.

The sad thing is, I’m such a loser sometimes I talk to them for a while.


I think you should report him :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t talk to them. Talking is how they steal your soul.