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How to declare expenses during tax time


Like many buyers, I am spending more than $600 on gigs this year. I have tried to get a w-9 from fiverr, but they said that they do not provide one. They will only provide monthly invoices…

So my question is, what do I do to declare all of these expenses? I have receipts of all of them.


On Schedule C on your taxes, you can enter in business expenses.


If you are in the U.S. I know that almost any decent tax software will allow you to enter expenses like that. I reported my Fiverr income for 2014 using a common tax software product and when I got to the area to report income I entered my W2 from another job. When it prompted me to enter other income I selected that I had income that was not reported on a W2 and then just entered my income from Fiverr.

The same went for expenses that I incurred while completing my gigs since that income was deductible. I had purchased gigs to support my own Fiverr business so those were entered as expenses that were not reported on a W-9. The IRS really doesn’t care what form it is on overall as long as you report what happens with your money.